Jul 20 2012

Worship Service for Colorado Shooting Victims

Please join us in prayer for the families in Colorado that are suffering today from the loss of the victims taken during the movie theater shooting that occurred last night in Aurora, Colorado. For those in the area, there will be a special Worship and Prayer Service, featuring Moriah Peters and Rhett Walker at the following location:

Denver First Church
3800 E. Hampden Ave
Englewood, CO  80113 

Thank you for praying and lifting up the Denver and Aurora community. Also, let us know if you have anything that we can pray for

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7/20/2012 10:23:51 AM
Johnelle Wright United States
Johnelle Wright
We serve an amazing God and he loves and cares for his people. It was no coincidence that you all are there during this tragedy. God put you - his people in the right place at the right time for the right reason. I am miles away but I am certainly praying for you all. If a tragedy were to happen in my community, KLOVE would be one of my first tools to help bring restoration.
7/20/2012 10:49:23 AM
Lori Profitt United States
Lori Profitt
My prayers are with the victims family of the shooting.  Why do folks always ask where was God in all this? Why not recognize it for what it is...the work of Satan trying to make us lose faith.
7/20/2012 10:50:05 AM
Kevin Beever United States
Kevin Beever
Please consider mentioning the tradegy in Colorado less. Each and every time the music stops a mention is made. While I want my 7 year old and 9 year old to be aware I don't want them to become overwhelmed. Also, if I were a person who had lost someone recently in a tragedy unrelated to Colorado I might get the impression mine is unimportant because it's not "over publicized"!? Additionally, isn't part of why this happens because of the "notoriety" the perpetrator receives. Finally, from my perpspective K-Love is not a news organization it's a place I go to receive "positivity and encouragement"! Just a little less please!
7/20/2012 10:56:34 AM
Kelly United States
THANK YOU, klove, for your outreach to Denver.  How amazing God would already have you in our community, serving.
THANK YOU, GOD, for allowing us to trust you in tragic times and bringing the Christian community together to minister in Your name.
You are Who you say you are, and will do what You say You will do, and we trust you, Lord.
7/20/2012 11:06:22 AM
Karen Draper United States
Karen Draper
My heart aches for all these people that have been affected by this senseless act.  Scott & Kelly you played a song that was written just this morning by someone after the artist woke up to the news.  I was so moved by this song...."Just Pray"  I think the name of the song....can you please post a link to listen to the song again Please.   It is so touching and such an inspiration to all that live so far away and feel helpless, and all we can do is PRAY!!!
7/20/2012 11:13:24 AM
Marie Cook United States
Marie Cook
From Michigan - we are praying for you and all the victims of this horrible tragedy. While this is a shock to us; it is not a shock to God. The Lord is in this situation and He alone can bring beauty from these ashes. My prayers go out to the victims for comfort and the strength to move forward but also for the ability to forgive this young man.

Let's not forget the young man's family as they are grieving the ultimate loss of their son as well. My thoughts and prayers are with them. What shame and heartache must they be going through? I can't imagine where their thoughts are as the justice system now deals with their son for his crimes.

Praying for God's comfort, strength, love, mercy and grace to flow like a river for all who have been touched by this senseless tragedy.
7/20/2012 11:31:24 AM
Lorri Bradford United States
Lorri Bradford
Thank you for playing such encouraging and sensitive songs in light of the tragedy in CO.  It is no small miracle that KLOVE is in the Denver area this weekend with many Christians who can offer hope to those in this community after such tragedy.  Even though I do not live in the area and am not directly affected, my soul grieves and the music on KLOVE is like a balm to me.
7/20/2012 11:38:02 AM
Carol Dennis United States
Carol Dennis
Thank You all at KLOVE for making the day more bearable with sincere concern & stopping to pray during the broadcast.

I believe like a previous comment, you are not there by accident..by design. God knew you would be needed.

7/20/2012 11:44:45 AM
Kensy United States
What time does the prayer/worship event start tonight?
7/20/2012 11:54:49 AM
Lorrie Williams United States
Lorrie Williams
Our family was also devasted by senseless violence 20 years ago this May when my 18 year old nephew was shot and killed at a senior skip day party.  In just an instance your day goes from routine to something so unbelievably horrible that your mind just can't grasp the reality.  I can tell you that it was only my faith in Jesus and the unshakable belief in the goodness of God's love that got me through this time.  I would like to say to the people in Denver and all over this nation that have been affected by this to hold on to God's unfailing love.  He is, He will be there with you, holding you close and loving you, even if you do not feel Him there.  You will get through this and it will be much easier if you do it holding His hand.
7/20/2012 12:03:17 PM
Michael Delanoix United States
Michael Delanoix
I'd just like to add along with praying for the victims that we as christians should also pray for the shooter as well cause he might not know God as his savior and if he does he is backslid and needs our prayers all the more. The example that comes to mind is when God died on the cross He prayed for us saying "Forgive them for they know NOT what they do." so plz pray for the shooter along with the victims with the same love because God prayed for u on the cross.
7/20/2012 12:14:18 PM
Hannah Mullaney United States
Hannah Mullaney
Where and at what time is there the prayer time at the school?
7/20/2012 12:22:42 PM
Christy United States
I just listened to a woman from a Lakewood church that had been in another theater last night for the Batman premier.  She described the atmosphere as joyful after the movie was over and before they new of the tragedy.  Here is my concern, she just watched a movie that involves a lot of violence. How is that joyful?  Exciting and impressive effects maybe; but joyful?  Has it occurred to anyone else that the violence that we're exposed to may have something to do with the behavior of people like James Holms?
My prayers go out to the families and public servants involved in this senseless act.
7/20/2012 1:03:13 PM
Dawn United States
Our woman's group at church is studying Amos. I recalled a verse (3:6) "...If a calamity occurs in a city has not the Lord done it?" God knew exactly what He was doing in Aurora. Sometimes we need to hear the "roar of the Lion" to pay attention to what He's trying to tell us. God also sent the KLOVE family to catch all who need to be. To wrap their arms around them and say it will be OK, God is in charge. He is AMAZING!
7/20/2012 1:06:32 PM
Lorna United States
I live in the Denver area and attended a noon prayer service at my church regarding the tragedy at the theater. It is awesome to see the body of christ respond so quickly when tragedy hits so close to home, but I wish we all, including myself, would respond with the same since of urgency when God puts an action upon our hearts in an ordinary day at an ordinary time. Please contiune to pray for our city, and our youth, that we stay embedded with this sense of urgency in days to come.
God Bless you and Thank You KLOVE community for your prayers
7/20/2012 1:39:17 PM
Christie United States
Father God you are AWESOME and so aware of our suffering please blanket Colorado in your loving kindness and peace. We need you now more than ever. We need you always and sadly are reminded of that need during the worst of times. Thank you Abba Father God for placing Scott and Kelli here at this time I know it is no coincidence that they are here at this time. Father I pray for mercy for this young man, mercy that only You can provide.
7/20/2012 1:43:08 PM
Johnelle Wright United States
Johnelle Wright
I listen to KLOVE daily, I hear the songs daily, though today each song touches my heart and open's my eyes to a different perspective than how I felt yesterday hearing these songs. Lyrics are powerful and mighty, all the song lyrics reflect different elements of this tragedy. Believe, hope, prayer, forgiveness, faith, salvation, love, the descriptions are endless. I love when the Holy Spirit continuously reveals different emotions at different times even though you have heard the same songs 100 times over.
7/20/2012 3:02:43 PM
Teri Nienaber United States
Teri Nienaber
I am a regular listener and a financial supporter.I listen to KLOVE daily. Today I was disappointed with the sensationalism that came from Scott about the Col. shooting. KLOVE should be a safe place for everyone to go to , not like other stations. Keep your positive and encouraging mission. God bless you!
7/20/2012 3:16:53 PM
Barbara Gourley United States
Barbara Gourley
Your trip to Denver has been months in the making. But I know that you know that it is no accicident that y"all are there, in Colorado, this week & especially today.  This is why I think God is So Cool! He knows what we need before we even know we are going to need it! and THEN he loves us thru the pain.
7/20/2012 3:39:08 PM
Ramona Garcia United States
Ramona Garcia
My niece posted this earlier on FB:
Prayers to the families of the victims in the Aurora shooting. Man tht sux how ppl could be so messed up! My heart goes out to those ppl who had to be a victim of tht screwed up guy!

Here is my comment back to her concerning her post:
Yes, that man IS MESSED up, and NOW we ALSO HAVE to PRAY for him too.
God's Word says in Matthew 7:44-But I say, LOVE your ENEMIES! PRAY for those who PERSECUTE you!
So NOW those of us, who ARE and CLAIM to be Children of The MOST HIGH God, HAVE to PRAY for The VICTIMS families, The Victims themselves (The ones still in the hospitals), and the ones who HAVE perished, and EVEN that MIXED up, CONFUSED, LOST, perpretraitor.
ONLY God KNOWS what is going on in that young man's head. I don't believe that young man EVEN knows what is going on in his mind.
And STEAL, he did!(The young man's mind, and INNOCENT lives), KILLFrownUsing the young man to MURDER), and DESTROYFrownAn INNOCENT night out for MANY, and the LIVES of those victims, their families, and EVEN the perpretraitor.)
7/20/2012 3:55:59 PM
Ramona Garcia United States
Ramona Garcia
I've been watching ALL the coverage concerning the tragedy in Aurora, and off and on throughout the broadcast, I have become an EMOTIONAL ROLLERCOASTER!
Up one minute, Down and crying the next! I KNOW that amiss ALL the Pain, Suffering, Chaos, Confussion, Bitterness, Anger & Tears, that OUR God IS STILL IN CONTROL!!!!!
He WAS IN CONTROL OVER the Columbine Tragedy, He IS IN CONTROL OVER ALL Tragedies, INCLUDING this one!
And what the enemy MEANT for EVERYONE (who was involved) HARM, God OUR FATHER CAN and WILL TURN AROUND for EVERY victim,& their families GOOD!!!!!
God CAN EVEN HELP the MIXED up, CONFUSED, LOST, perpretraitor.
And then God WILL GET ALL THE GLORY!!!!!
I FINALLY had to SHUT the TV off and TAKE a break!

7/20/2012 4:18:18 PM
Michele United States
When I heard the news my first reaction was anger, then sadness, then fear, then reality.  It could have easily been me or my family. Although I felt those initial feelings of anger, sadness and fear, they quickly turned into joy and peace knowing God, the Great I Am, is STILL in control no matter how out of control this world may feel. Just this week God reminded me that we, as Christians, have been given the ministry of reconciliation (2 Cor 5:18) and therefore are Christ's Ambassadors(2 Cor. 5:20).  Our purpose is to Know God and to make Good known to others (Mat. 28:18-20) We are called to minister to the lost.  To look for sheep without a shepherd and lead them to their Shepherd, Jesus Christ.  This tragic event is a sobering reminder of the urgency there is to lead the lost to the Shepherd!  My prayers go out to the families and friends of those who have been affected by this tragedy. I also pray for all the lost sheep, including the suspect, that we, as Christians, will be bold in our faith and lead them to the Great Shepherd, our Lord Jesus Christ.
7/22/2012 7:53:33 AM
kaymarie United States
I agree with Kevin,Ramona, etc who commented also. I was born and raised in Aurora. I lived away from there a long time. I still have friends parents there. My family is in Colorado, but Not in Aurora now. So, of course this hit me. Yes i was sad, yes I prayed and yes, now that I am glad i dont know anyone who got killed, I feel better. I dont want to hear it on every channel and radio on tv. I agree its one of the biggest tragedies, But its done.  Like when my husband died, everyone said  dont dwell on the past, move on. So i am, here and now. I have lots of my own problems to deal with too. Lets move on, dont quit praying for them, just move--ahead. Its all sad. I see stuff happen every day and maybe my heart is hardening. I still feel for them alot.
Just had enough between every song. I am glad Scott and Kelly were there. They are my favorite DJs. Dont condemn me for how I feel, but its like I have been there, done that and I am not young anymore.
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