Jul 25 2012

Bargains for School & Groceries

It's back-to-school bargain time at Walmart, Target, Kmart. USA TODAY 

5 Grocery Shopping 'Tips' That Don't Actually Save You Money. YAHOO! NEWS 

1. Clipping coupons

While you might be able to save a few dollars clipping coupons for brand-name goods, you’ll never find coupons for anything without a barcode—the vegetables, fresh fruits, and other staples that are actually good for you.

2. Shunning store brands because a brand is on sale

Too good for generic? While some generic items can be of a lower quality than their brand-name equivalents, others are actually exactly the same—sans the fancy packaging. When you’re stocking up on staples like rice, flour, sugar, oatmeal, beans, and canned vegetables, you’ll end up saving money with the store brand.

3. Stocking up when it’s on sale

An unbeatable deal on your household’s favorite cereal, snacks, or frozen entrees might trigger a stock-up spree, but don’t forget to look at expiration dates and consider how much your household will actually go through.

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