Jul 25 2012

Technology Discoveries

Late night TV/computer sessions linked to depression. YAHOO! NEWS 


Instaglasses: Instagram Sunglasses Filter Your Life. Huffington Post 

How to pick the shortest line, every time. NBC news 

Think about how much time you'd save if you could judge which traffic toll lines move quickest, just by looking at them. According to new research, having that skill doesn't only subtract a few minutes from your road trip--it also makes your life a whole lot easier.

Improve your intuition

Everyday activities that stimulate your brain's ability to estimate can improve your number sense. When you're outside a bar, ask yourself: How many people are in line? Or at home: How many railings are on your porch? You don't even need to figure out the right answer, Halberda says. The process of asking your brain to calculate the estimations is enough exercise.

Be a better gamer

"People who play action video games may actually have a more precise number sense than people who don't," Halberda says.

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