Jul 31 2012

How to calm a child's fears

Shots for school? How to calm a child's fears. TODAY 

Many parents know that a needle is in their kid’s future -- either shots or a blood draw. And kids know it, too.

Don’t lie. If you say it won't hurt and it does, they certainly won't believe you next time. 

Do stay calm and composed (no matter how upset you really are). Children of all ages will look to his or her parents for cues on how to react.

Don’t threaten kids with shots as a means of discipline. A line often overheard: “If you don't behave, the doctor’s going to give you a needle,” says the parent.

Do prepare them. “When kids know what’s going on and what to expect, they generally do better,” says Smith. “Truthfully answering any questions they have can be very helpful.”

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7/31/2012 1:17:47 PM
Marlene Sefton United States
Marlene Sefton

There was a comment on the air from a mom to give acetaminophen (Tylenal) before getting vaccines. This use to be recommended to prevent a fever. Recent research has shown that actually getting a low grade fever (less than 101 degrees) actually is helpful to the immune system in creating needed response (antibiodies) to the vaccine. Please don't give a fever lowering medicine unless the temperature is abovoe 101.5 F Thanks, Marlene Sefton, PhD, RN, APN, Family Nurse Practitioner
7/31/2012 3:30:11 PM
Cheryl Jazzar United States
Cheryl Jazzar
This is sad and irresponsible for K-Love to promote vaccinations.  The jury is OUT on safety- ask any parent of a vaccine injured child or visit www.nvic.org for more information.
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