Aug 01 2012

Teacher's Prayer

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8/1/2012 3:45:35 PM
Courtney United States
Hi K Love! I am a brand new biology teacher from NJ visiting the central PA area for a conference about the AP Biology course. At home, I am a huge fan of Star 99.1, so I was thrilled to find your station. While I was driving to dinner tonight, the hosts were talking about teacher appreciation and read the teachers prayer. It brought me to tears and touched my heart.. It was exactly what I needed. As a new teacher, I am going to be teaching high school biology, anatomy and physiology, and AP biology. I am the only new teacher at this conference and the amount of material and information is daunting. People keep saying "good luck trying to teach AP as a new teacher!" and it has really made me nervous. However, hearing that prayer reminded me that I have a huge God who is the Father of biology and promises to be with me the whole way. I am so thankful for getting to enjoy your station!
8/2/2012 2:40:47 PM
ian United States
hi klove i had a kindergarden teacher and i loved her i do not know her number but her name wuz ms\ ogil pleis call her  go to the cordel school website and u will maby find her number =>   iloveklove
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