Aug 09 2012

Painted Over Racoon

Pennsylvania road crew paints over dead raccoon. CBS NEWS 


A Pennsylvania Department of Transportation official says a crew couldn't avoid painting over a dead raccoon when they put new double-yellow lines on a western Pennsylvania road last week.

But Josh Byers of the Tribune-Democrat of Johnstown reported Wednesday that a motorist pointed out the mistake before it could be cleaned up.

Sean McAfee tells the newspaper he almost wrecked his motorcycle because he was laughing so hard when he saw the freshly painted road kill in Johnstown on Aug. 2.

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8/9/2012 12:55:47 PM
Ralph Amero United States
Ralph Amero
Got your painted racoon beat big time, BUT is still the Pennsylvania Dept of Transportation!

I have at my desk a newspaper clipping form Andreas, PA. Where the dept of Transportation Paved over a dead deer. The artical says the dead deer laid there for 3-4 weeks, They spread the pavement over the head , neck & shoulders. Wait for the rest of the story,

"It is against state policy to pave over a deer", said Walter Bortee, an engineer for the department.

Who would have thought they would address that and NOT the painting over.
8/12/2012 4:27:46 AM
Tara M. United States
Tara M.
When I heard the KLove DJs talking about this photo, I was so disgusted.  I find nothing humorous about this at all.  That raccoon is one of God's creatures, and for people to find this funny is so upsetting and offensive.  I really was shocked at KLove's lack of sensitivity regarding this photo.  It's disappointing.  I would have expected more discretion from this station.
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