Aug 11 2012

Olympic Stories

Usain Bolt wins Olympics 200 meters title, breaks Twitter record. TODAY

When Usain Bolt won the 200 meters, the Twitter world went nuts — so much so that the Jamaican speedster generated another kind of Olympic record.

"Record alert!" Twitter said in a tweet. "@usainbolt sets a new Olympic Games conversation record with over 80,000 TPM for his 200m victory."

TPM is Twitterspeak for tweets per minute.

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Athletes reveal their post-Olympic pig-out plans NBC News

For four long years, they have resisted the siren call of the greasy hamburger and the enticing whispers of the milkshake. 

Now that their competition in London is done, several U.S. Olympians are done fighting the urge to break their strict diets. Bring on the fries, pizza and steak, and let 100-meter hurdles silver medalist Dawn Harper show the way.

“I want something bad,’’ Harper told “I will find grease and dip my finger into it.’’

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Nike takes marketing gold with neon-yellow shoes. NBC News

As the Olympics wind down, marketing experts are awarding a gold medal in ambush marketing to Nike, which scored with bold commercials, smart PR moves and its distinctive, ubiquitous neon-yellow Volt shoes.

Nike, which always manages a high Olympic profile despite its non-sponsor status, outwitted big-money Olympic backers such as Visa, McDonald’s and adidas - which reportedly paid $155 million for its official London 2012 sponsorship - with its nervy campaign, according to marketing experts.

“The shoes were one of the first things I noticed during the Games,” said Leslie Smolan, co-founder of Carbone Smolan Agency, a design and branding firm in New York

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Scrunchies May Be Fashion Gold Again Thanks to Olympics. Shine from YAHOO!

As the Summer Olympics have captured hearts and spirits around the world, we are grateful for the inspiration, patriotic pride, and sense of oneness in the world they provide. However, the biggest gift the 2012 games may have given the world is even more significant for many -- the revival of the scrunchie.

Yes, it's true, those adorable, powerful little gymnasts just may have given women around the world the most perfect present -- permission to wear scrunchies again. They sported them during their daring routines, and people took note. On Twitter and in print, fashion followers everywhere are debating if the scrunchie is indeed going to make a mainstream fashion comeback, and more importantly, if it should.

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