Aug 14 2012

Male Model Search for 'The Price is RIght'

'The Price is Right' launches first search for a male model. CNN 

Maybe Scott could be the first male model for 'The Price is Right.'

Have you always wanted to show off flashy cars and cozy new living room sets on national television? "The Price is Right" may be famous for Bob Barker (and now Drew Carey)'s lovely ladies, but now "The Price is Right" is holding a contest to find its first male model.

In the game show's nearly 40-year history, the prizes have almost always been displayed by female models, but now one guy will get to try out the gig for a week on the CBS show, which is currently hosted by Drew Carey.

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8/14/2012 4:13:13 PM
Carlyn United States
My sister, Cathie Jo's youngest son, Sean, should so do this! I've always thought he should do modeling to fund his way through law school in San Diego!
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