Aug 14 2012

Monster Snake, 17-foot long Python

Monster 17-foot python found in Fla. Everglades -- with 87 eggs. Los Angeles Times 

A giant Burmese python found in the Florida Everglades has set a record for its size, spanning 17 feet 7 inches, and weighing almost 165 pounds. But it wasn't just the outside that set records: Scientists discovered the python was carrying 87 eggs.

Previous records for Burmese pythons captured in the area were 16.8 feet long and 85 eggs, according to the University of Florida.

The snake is just the latest evidence of Florida's growing problem with the exotic, highly adaptable species that has a  foothold in Everglades National Park and increasingly threatens native wildlife. Florida is believed to have the world's worst invasive reptile and amphibian problem. (Last year, a python made headlines when it was found to have devoured a 76-pound whitetail deer.)

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