Aug 17 2012

Flash Mob for Marriage Proposal

WATCH: Flash Mob Hands Out Flowers for a Super-Sweet Marriage Proposal. Shine from YAHOO!

When Boston-resident Jack Cushman decided to propose to Teresa Elsey, his girlfriend of nearly three years, he was certain that she'd say yes. So all that was left to figure out was how he'd make the moment memorable.
"Since I wasn't too nervous about the question itself, I decided to come up with a ridiculously complicated plan to worry about instead," Cushman wrote in an essay for The Huffington Post.
"My first thought was just to get a bunch of strangers to give Teresa flowers as she was coming home from work, people in all kinds of improbable places," he told Yahoo! Shine in an interview. "I wanted to create a world where good things happen for no reason, a world full of bounty. I just loved the idea of just being able to give that to her."
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