Aug 17 2012

Life Changing Good Deeds

6 Good Deeds that Could Change Your Life. Shine from YAHOO!

Help someone stay in the game: somebody's got to win "After combing through 53 pieces of paper included in a Publisher's Clearing House Sweepstakes, I found the correct information to send in Aunt Tessie's sweepstakes form." - October 24th Enter someone you care about into a contest but don't tell them you've submitted their information. If they win, they'll be so touched that you thought of them, and if they don't, they'll be none the wiser!

Make a big deal out of something little
"Geez, remember how big a deal it was to get your Halloween costume when you were little? How many times you tried it on (store-bought or handmade) beforehand? And then, the biggest worry of all: Would your parents make you wear a sweater over it?
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