Aug 21 2012

Dogs On Facebook

7% of Dogs Are on Facebook. Shine from YAHOO!

We've seen dogs get reunited with their owners thanks to Facebook and cats tweeting about their playtime -- so it should come as no surprise that the number of pets "using" social media has soared over the past year. 

According to a new study by pet insurer Petplan, there's been a 36% increase in the number of pet owners creating Facebook and Twitter accounts for their animals in the last 12 months. Facebook is the more popular destination, with 7% of dogs on the site, compared to 4% of cats. 

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8/23/2012 1:39:43 PM
Julia Ruane-Smith United States
Julia Ruane-Smith
Of course they do, and whenever they go out for a walk they are always checking their peemail!
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