Dec 29 2014

Christmas surprises and Christmas-tree-eating goat

Son Surprises Parents on Christmas: Mortgage Paid Off


7 Ways To Boost Your Happiness


Wheel of Fortune Contestant Solves Puzzle With ONE Letter


In Other News...

 Nevada-Goats Help Eat Recycle Christmas Trees 

Jennifer Lawrence Visits Children's Hospital On Christmas Eve

LG's "Texting Appliances," Camera Fridge Coming to CES

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Dec 24 2014
Dec 19 2014

Air Force Santa Surprises Son, a Kind Coach, and More

Air Force Santa Surprises Son in Heartwarming Video


Coach Takes player Into His Home After Death of his Parents


 Still Shopping? Try These Last-Minutes Strategies


Owner's Christmas Carol Singing Is a Howling Disaster for his Dog 


Man Surprises Girlfriend With Photobooth Proposal 


 Woman Forgives, Tries to Free, Imprisoned Man Who Shot Her 


 Music Teacher's "Star Wars" Christmas Lights Dazzle Community 


Santa's Heartwarming Surprise for Deaf 6-Year-Old Girl 


 In Other News...

Hugs: The New Cold and Flu Fighters?

NASA Can See Christmas Lights from Space

Twins Adopted from Same Orphanage Together a Decade Later

Tips on Tipping: How Much Should You Give During the Holidays? 


Slow Down, Tune In, Be Still . . . 

"Christmas can be a very hard time for people for many reasons. One reason is that Christmas doesn’t always live up to the hype. In fact, it rarely does. You can be very disappointed. A lot of people turn to alcohol and drugs, and suicide attempts go up at this time of year. 

Sometimes there is a deep sadness at Christmas because of family problems. Maybe your parents have divorced. Maybe your wife or husband has left you. Last year you were with them, and this year you are alone. Or maybe you have lost a loved one. They were with you last year, and they are not there this year. There is deep pain. 

While some are having fun at Christmas, others are in real pain. They need to know that the real message in all the celebrating is that God came to this earth and was born in a stable, and then He went to a cross and died for the sins of the world. That is the message we don’t want to lose. He was born to die so that we might live. He went to the cross, died, and rose again, and now He stands at the door of our lives and knocks. 

Let’s not celebrate the birthday of Jesus and not let Him into his own party. Let’s not say no to Him because we are so busy and have so much going on. Open the door of your life and invite Him in. 

Sometimes you may wonder where God is in your life. You wonder whether He has left you. No, He hasn’t. He is there. He is Emmanuel—God with us. In the hype of the season, let’s remember to just slow down, tune in, be still, and know that He is God."

- Greg Laurie

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Family is a Blessing
Aug 21 2012

Family is a Blessing

Humbled by what Charin shared with her teacher this week! Children are one of God's greatest blessings!

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Comments (2) -

8/21/2012 2:15:19 PM
Frank Grosso United States
Frank Grosso
That's just AWESOME! I've just regained my family,after being apart for 11 months.sometimes we never realize what we have till it isn't there.Through massive amounts of prayer,support from friends,our church family,but most of all GOD,our family is back together.Our awesome family recipe is "cake balls",once tried there's no coming back! thanks for the prayers Scott.
          Frank G.
8/21/2012 2:53:40 PM
Susan Armstrong United States
Susan Armstrong
Scott and Kelly, the other day I was listening and the question you were discussing was Is it ok to ask God "Why?" A week ago a child hood friend of mine andhis wife lost thier 6 year old boy. Ezekiel was struck by a truck while riding his bike across the fairgrounds up in traverse Michigan. the family shows horses and were crossing from the fairgrounds to the barns when the truck wasnt paying attention and struck 6 year old Zeke. He was taken to the hospital and pronounced brain dead upon arrival. He died last wed morning which would have been his 7th birthday. Zeke's father, Jeff is an assistant pastor at thier church, but I am sure he is asking God "Why?"
I think as human beings we need to ask God why sometimes because we cant understand it. We may not ever understand but it is in us to ask. Not just that but sometimes we just need to vent and asking why is a part of that. We are God's children and just as our kids come to us and ask why, I think it is perfectly ok to ask God why. I am a single mother of 3 kids and there are times where I will be praying and thinking and there are plenty of times I just need to ask God "why".
Susan Armstrong
Wilmington, Ohio
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