Oct 07 2010

Ellie Kay talks about giving--Has God called you to give? What happened?

As we prepare for KLOVE's Pledge Drive next week, Ellie Kay, America's Family Financial Expert was our guest, talking about the importance of giving, whether out of your abundance or out of your need.

Ellie Kay shared about a time when God asked her family to give their new Suburban to a local ministry. It was a tough thing to do, but God used their gift! Has God ever called you to give? What happened? Share your story here!

Learn more about Ellie Kay here: http://elliekay.com/financial-resource-center.php.

Listen as Ellie Kay shares about giving:

Giving Sacrificially

Finding extra funds in your budget to give

Giving where you are fed and nurtured

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10/7/2010 1:39:22 PM
Lynn Schriner United States
Lynn Schriner
Ever since I found my relationship with the God of mercy and Love Jesus and I have been "foot Soldiers" together. As a young woman GOD would prompt me to go to the men living under the bridges in the city. Without fear because he was with me...I would go and take blankets and food and the love that GOD sent me with. Later for the homeless men...Especially a man named Fred who GOD led me to bring him food, backpacks, socks and the love of Jesus....Tithing to Homeless men and women is a beautiful hand of Jesus to a hurting community of the Lonely and forgotten...
Bent Not Broken is my book that talks about Fred.
The proceeds of this book goes to the Orphans in the Sudan that we have been helping for 8 years
Thankyou for asking us to glorify the Lord Jesus
I so love my Daddy, Savior and Friend.
10/7/2010 1:41:37 PM
Pastor John Mattica Honduras
Pastor John Mattica
First, thank you for making your site accessible from outside of the US. I enjoy listening to the music.  My family and I serve as missionaries in Honduras.  As for giving, I was traveling in the states to share about our ministry.  God was teaching somethings about giving at that point.  One night, after the service, the church treasurer handed me a check from the love offering.  I looked at the amount, and God told me to give it back.  It was a good amount, the largest I had ever received from this church.  The church was doing a drive for a Christmas feeding program.  I told them to put the money towards that.  In turn, they were able to not only feed many times more people than ever, but were also able to give out coats and other clothing to keep people warm through the winter.  God is an amazing God.  When you plant in His field, the harvest is miraculous.  
Many blessings to you.
10/7/2010 1:51:32 PM
Ashlynn Evans United States
Ashlynn Evans
My husband has recently lost his job in the military, so were now unemployed with two children and wonderful roommates who are allowing us to live with them. We have a lot of stuff for sale so we can pay our bills and we recently sold a Bowflex to some friends and after they agreed to pay for it God really put it on our hearts to just give it (were now trying to convince them to just take it), and now we have also sold a motorcycle and yes the loan balance is paid off but were supossed to get a couple hundred back and yes we need the money but were not sure where it is at the moment and we know that if we never get it, its fine with us because we already know how much God is providing for us and hes really teaching us to trust in him. We may not be giving a lot but its a lot to our bills.

I just thank God that he has brought us back to him and that he is our provider and teacher.
10/7/2010 1:51:41 PM
Mike Nelson United States
Mike Nelson
     Late last year I was convicted by God's word to do what I could to help postively impact the lives of orphans.  With a young family I don't have alot of spare time but I wanted to figure out where I could serve in this area.  A sermon at church urged the congregation to use their time, talent and treasure for good works.  What I ended up doing was fairly simple.  I rode my bike to work from April 1, 2010 - September 30, 2010, a 24.4 mile round trip.  Throughout this period I collected per mile pledges for 2 orphan charities (Project 1.27 and Lance's Deaf Orphans).  My goal was to ride 2,500 miles and raise 10k miles.  I hit my mileage goal but not my fundraising goal.  (I raised close to $1,500 and working to collect it now.)  While I'm a bit disappointed that I didn't hit my fundraising goal but I'm sure that God is working to use my ride for good and the awareness of orphan care that I brought to some.  (I pulled an advertising trailer as well promoting the ride.)  Plus, I already have ideas for how I can increase the impact the ride can have for next year!  

For more information on the ride you can visit http://ridefororphans.org.  

10/7/2010 1:55:48 PM
Gayle United States
Ever since I became a christian my life has been so blessed in one way or another.  I give when and where I can.  I once gave a large sum of money to a church I was attending about 6 years ago.  I did not tell anybody who it was.  My name  was no where.  But I was so blessed just by hearing the stories of where the money had been used.
10/7/2010 1:56:24 PM
Gayle United States
I now give more of my time now than money now.
10/7/2010 2:00:19 PM
Kelly United States
What if you do not feel led to give to a specific cause. Or what if he does not call you to give $40 but less than $40 dollars, does that mean your not as giving. What if you give elsewhere is that okay? I give to other causes but I just don't feel led to give here. I have done that before and felt more like I was not blessed but it caused hardship. I used to give to 700 club and I always seemed to be running out of money. All I gave was $20 and it seemed like it was taking $100s. So I stopped. I started giving somewhere else and its seems better now. I have enough to give and don't feel strapped.
10/7/2010 2:01:58 PM
Cyndi Jones United States
Cyndi Jones
God opened doors for me to become and own an Insurance Agency and I was blessed with one of the largest accounts in the history of this insurance company.  With that I was then awarded a HUGE commission for placing this account.  Well God said to give a 10% of that to a church we helped plant in our small town.  This amount was enough to get them into their own building and bless these people with Gods word and love.  My husband and I were so excited God used us in this blessing.

Anyone can be part of Gods plan by being obedient when God calls you.  I have been called many a times since and love every one.  That was just the largest, not necessarily the most important.

Blessings to you two that I enjoy EVERYDAY in my walk.  Cyndi/Nevada
10/7/2010 2:03:36 PM
Jen United States
i just love my pastor. what an example! in the midst of a big God ordained project. the church needed a lot more money. a need came up and God said give...IT ALL! in obedience he gave everything the church had...at every step in the process of his church there was money! God's faithfulness!
10/7/2010 2:03:41 PM
Christi Ondo United States
Christi Ondo
I come from a christian home that was always faithfull in giving so it has been engrained in my life.  I believe in God's promises so when I got laid off a few years ago I got to put in into action.  I was out of work for 10 months and was able to meet every financial obligation and the little money I had comming in I still gave a portion of that back to God.  After 10 months I found a job and it was a good one.  The Saturday before I was to start the Holy Spirit placed in my my to give 10% of what would be my regular check.  I didn't even question it; the next day at church I gave.  I gave before my first day of work.  This did 2 great things for me.  It allowed me to honor God with gratitude for all he had done and it also allowed me to tell God in the most tangible way that yes, I do believe you are my provided, among all the other things you are to me you are this as well.
10/7/2010 2:11:23 PM
robin wallick United States
robin wallick
Hey guys,

I know, I know, don't give me a hardtime.
K, heres my story. I was hit by a car on my bike in April of this year, from behind, taken to the hospital and no later than 2 months I was hit by a man who openend his door (hard! youuch) First I prayed that I wouldn't jump up and yell him out. But faithful and true God kept me calm. The man couldn't believe someone actually accepted an appology. I did the scooby  "hmmm?". Later I got home and thought should I sue? He's worldly? But I heard Jesus tell me to call him and let him know that I would not be pursueing this case and if he ever had the chance (Lords Words) to accept Jesus. He said no. I told him to cocider this a gift of kindness from the hand of God. He said he would give it some great thought (sounded serious).
Well the April accident I did go through with. That hurt! I was in the bike lane and he just ran right into the lower part of my back. I said ok Lord (I was addicted to pain pills)I really need these painpills, if anyone can justify this its me. I heard him say Wait, and remind me of Jeremiah 1:9. Not only was I delivered from the addiction of pain pills (in back pain) Healed and expecting some type of settlement to come. I'm waiting still to know exactly what to do but I will say (and don't get jealous) that a large portion will go to the orphans and those in the sex trade industry. Little too close to home.

                      Thats my Story,

                               Robin Santa Cruz
10/7/2010 2:15:46 PM
Debby United States
Several years ago a good friend of ours, named Chris, received the unwelcome news that she had late stage stomach cancer. She was a single Mom who was trying to do the best for her kids in a bad circumstance that included her ex-husband, the father of her 3 children, withholding support payments & continuing to abuse her psychologically. And now the worst of news that she would not see her kids grow up! We had been helping her with groceries & errands & such until we received a special call from God.
In our small music business we had just sold a simple used trumpet, when my husband & partner, Charlie, told me that he felt called to send all of the money directly to Chris for Mother's Day. We felt a strong need to give her a tool to create a lasting GOOD memory for her kids before she left them by way of a long drawn-out illness. She ended up being able to borrow a vehicle & go for a long weekend at a waterpark w/her children to enjoy some "good" time away from her everyday worries. This was NOT us acting, but God acting THROUGH us to comfort a few of His precious children.  p.s. We love looking at the pix of that trip - such a nice way to remember Chris!
10/7/2010 2:17:09 PM
Terri United States
I was getting some things out of the way that I didn't want/need for Goodwill. I came upon my brand new tennis shoes and heard a voice plain as day that said put them in the sack too. So I did. I dont know who will end up with those shoes but I know they must need them more than I do. It was a very strange feeling, but I knew God was telling me to give those too.. and not just the things I was done with.
10/7/2010 2:34:09 PM
Gerra Damman United States
Gerra Damman
For years I have been a HUGE Kansas City Chief fan.  Back 20 years ago my boss at the time for Christmas gave me a gold football helmet pedant on a nice gold necklace that looked like the Chiefs helmet.  I wore this necklace even when it wasn't football season.  Jump ahead to 2006, a dear friend of mine had struggled for years with drugs and alcohol. Though life change though her faith in Jesus Christ, she was getting ready to celebrate her first year sobriety.  She is as big or bigger Kansas City Chiefs fan as myself.  God asked me to give her my KC Chiefs football helmet necklace.  ( needs to say my husband was SHOCKED. )But I knew that I needed to be obedient to God's call. So as I gave my friend this gift that I had treasured for years it was one of the greatest gifts I have ever recieved!!! It is true it is better to give than to recieve.  The JOY and blessings that came after giving from my heart was something I will never forget.

Thanks to KLOVE for the gift of faith and worship during the business of the day.
10/7/2010 2:36:11 PM
Sean Kubaskie United States
Sean Kubaskie
I've been troubled about two by-divine-appointment giving I did last week.  On the first appointment, I was at a gas station just finishing airing up my tires.  A man walked up and asked for spare change.  I had a $5 in my pocket.  I thought for a tenth of a second and opted to give him a quarter I knew I had in the car.  Having dealt with the homeless, I know it's not always wise to give them cash, but I was kicking myself afterwards for not giving him the $5.  The second appointment was the next day at the grocery store.  A father/son team selling boxes of chocolates for $5 to raise money for a Baptist school's library.  I almost didn't buy them, being on a weight-loss plan.

After listening to Mrs. Kay's story about the suburban, I was settled about whether I'd done the right thing not giving the first man the $5.  We're called to give with wisdom.  Both in what we give...and to whom we give.
10/7/2010 4:20:17 PM
Tomella Thompson United States
Tomella Thompson
Well, at on faith when God told me to trust Him  taking care of my children and I when their daddy wasn't there to do so. He told me while in a shelter to move out to a apartment in Muskogee,OK.
I had no money only things I brought with me. Before we move in the apartment, God told me to go to the utilities department to have my electric turn on, gas and water. I ask a friend of mine to take me and what God had told me. She said Tomella them people going to look at you crazy if you go in there saying God said to turn on all your utilities. I went thinking about what she was saying, then God said walk by faith not by sight. I did just what God told me to do. Had all my utlities on by faith the same day. Amen! I do remember God also told me a man will be coming around the corner of the building I was standing by is going to ask me for .50 to get something to eat. But do not give it to him, take him to lunch instead. I did just that. The man thank me for it but confess later he really wanted a drink.
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