Aug 21 2012

Perfect Scrambled Eggs

How to Make Perfect Scrambled Eggs. Shine from YAHOO!

When was the last time you made eggs for dinner? I'm not talking some frou-frou frittata or delicate French omelet. I mean a big ol' plate of hearty scrambled eggs--with maybe some bacon on the side.
In my house, scrambled eggs are for dinner at least once a week. They're easy to make (I'm thinking of you bachelor(ette)s out there.), super-fast to get to the table, a perfect source of protein, and (channeling my starving college student here,) really, really cheap. And if those reasons to make scrambled eggs weren't enough, they're pretty darn tasty too.
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8/21/2012 1:21:10 PM
Terri United States
Breakfast food for dinner is great! My husband and I love eggs for dinner. Last night for dinner my daughter wanted french toast for dinner so that what we eat. Smile
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