Aug 22 2012

Bringing Unlimited Data Back

T-Mobile to Offer Unlimited 4G Data for Phones Starting Sept. 5. abc NEWS


While AT&T and Verizon move to shared data plans, which allow users to share a bucket of data across multiple devices, T-Mobile has a different approach.

Today, the U.S. carrier announced that it will begin offering unlimited 4G data plans for smartphones starting Sept. 5. The plan will cost a very affordable $20 a month when added to one of T-Mobile’s value voice and text plans and $30 when added to a classic voice and texting plan. T-Mobile will offer an unlimited calling and text plan with the unlimited  data for $69.99.

T-Mobile’s unlimited data plan offers unlimited Web surfing and app usage over T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network. There are no data caps or speed limits. The plan is only for smartphones, not tablets, laptops, 4G connection cards or mobile hotspots.

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