Aug 22 2012

Spacing Out

Spacing out for a bit can boost your memory. TODAY

Next time you zone out when your girlfriend is talking to you, just tell her you wanted to remember what she was saying longer. Wakeful resting--or zoning out--after learning something new can boost your memory, according to a study published in Psychological Science.

In the study, researchers told two short stories to 33 people. After one story, the participants sat in a room with their eyes closed. After the second story, they played a computer game. Seven days later, the people who zoned out were able to recall more of the story details. After learning something new, your brain automatically replays the information to form a new memory. But learning something new interferes with this process, the study explains.

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27 Ways To Power Up Your Brain. Men's Health

You work out and eat smart to sculpt your body. Take a similar approach to train your brain: use this plan to sharpen memory, boost creativity, and slay stress

Thanks to advances in scanning technology, doctors now have unprecedented insights into how a man's brain works. "It's scary, but we can actually see how cramming for an exam, hitting the weights, or partying in Vegas can expand or destroy your mental circuitry," says P. Murali Doraiswamy, M.D., a neuroscientist with the Duke institute of brain sciences and a Men's Health brain-health advisor. "Throughout your life, your neural networks are constantly rewiring themselves in response to your diet, exercise, work, and social habits." By tapping into this ability of your brain to change its own structure and function, you can achieve peak mental fitness.

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