Aug 22 2012

"Staying Alive"

MLB Umpire Jim Joyce Saves Life at Game With CPR. abc NEWS


Major League Baseball umpire Jim Joyce is being hailed as a hero for making a life-saving call before the first pitch had even been thrown at a game between the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Florida Marlins.

Joyce, 56, was heading to the umpire's dressing room on Monday night at Phoenix's Chase Field when he saw a stadium employee begin to shake and collapse to the ground, according to

Joyce, a 24-year veteran umpire, did not immediately respond to a request for comment today, but he told his story to

"I knew something was wrong," Joyce told "And I knew if something wasn't done, this lady could actually die in front of me. It was more instinct than anything else."

Joyce began performing CPR on the woman to the tune of "Staying Alive," which is often used to time the chest compressions during the maneuver.

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