Aug 23 2012

Special Guest Co-Host Kristian Stanfill

Kelli is in North Carolina for the Unglued webcast, live tonight at 7pm Central, so I have a special guest co-host Kristian Stanfill with me.

Passion Conference 2013 


Passion Offspring

He just shared that he and his wife Kerrie are having another baby! They want your help in NAMING her! Give us your ideas on Facebook!

Baby Names - Silli

Passion for Students

Passion 2012 Highlight

Passion 2013 & George Rath's Baby Name Suggestion

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8/23/2012 6:39:44 PM
Lestina Sprague United States
Lestina Sprague
You guys got a little too close to my name today! My daughter heard it and called me.... lol. Then we figured out it was Celestina you were saying. My name is Lestina. It was very popular in the early to mid 1800s... Just an fyi. Feel free to use it!!! Love your station!!
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