июн 19 2014

A Retired Marine's Homecoming Surprise and Much More

Retired Marine's Homecoming Surprise


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июн 18 2014

Amazing Teen and an Amazing Olympian

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июн 17 2014

Tornadoes, World Cup and Bacon

Caffeine May Be Dangerous For Children  


Nebraska Town Hit By Two Tornadoes




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California Lemonade Stand Earns $30K
Aug 24 2012

California Lemonade Stand Earns $30K

California Lemonade Stand Earns More Than $30,000. Delish


One little girl in California has figured out the key to success when it comes to lemonade stands. She recently raised $30,000. For nearly 60 days, 8-year-old Vivienne Harr hawked glasses of the sweet and tart beverage. But she isn't hoping for a big shopping spree. Harr wants to help stop human trafficking and slavery.

According to SF Weekly, Harr named her store, "Make a Stand! Lemonade: The Sweet Taste of Freedom." She uses the hashtag #MAKEASTAND! to tweet about her stand and she created a website for her cause, makeastandlemonade.com, which leads to a Fundly donation page. Harr is donating funds received on the page and through her lemonade stand to Not for Sale, a non-profit dedicated to ending human slavery and trafficking. While not all of Harr's $30,000 have been raised at her stand (most has been donated on the website fundraising page), Harr has committed to sitting at her lemonade stand until $150,000 has been raised. At first she charged $2 per cup, but soon left the price up to her customers. When she decided the lemonade should be free, strangers really began donating. Her father told the Marin Independent Journal, "We're betting on the goodness of people, and we found that the average price went up $18 when we made it free. We said, 'Pay what's in your heart.'"

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