Aug 12 2014
Aug 11 2014

Chris Tomlin Sings Happy Birthday To His Wife, Cop Attends Wedding Of Newborn He Saved, & More!

We are incredibly sad to hear about Robin Williams passing, thanks for praying for his friends and family. His wife Susan, said she lost her husband and her best friend, she said, "As he is remembered, it is our hope the focus will not be on Robin’s death, but on the countless moments of joy and laughter he gave to millions.”


Robin Williams Found Dead In Possible Suicide



 Chris Tomlin Is In The Studio!  



Chris Tomlin Sings Happy Birthday To His Wife: 



Yonkers Cop To Attend Wedding Of Newborn Baby He Saved  



A 32-Year-Old Navy SEAL Is Trying To Make Northwestern's Football Team


In Other News:

Mo'Ne Davis Makes Little League World Series History In Three-Hit Shutout

The Rock Shares Heartfelt Message After Drunk Driver Hits Mom's Car 

Is All That Back-To-School Shopping Angst Really Necessary? 

Denim Is In Real Danger Of Going Out Of Fashion 

Stuck Six Flags Roller Coaster Riders Rescued

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Aug 08 2014
'Last Supper'
Aug 24 2012

'Last Supper'

'Last Supper' painting may include two Leonardo da Vinci self-portraits. YAHOO! NEWS


Could both of these "Last Supper" figures be da Vinci self-portraits? (Original image, Wikicommons)

Leonardo da Vinci's "The Last Supper" may include two self-portraits of the legendary Renaissance artist, according to a British art expert.

Ross King says the nose, beards and hairstyles of two of the apostles standing to the right of Jesus in the portrait, Thomas and James the Lesser, match a portrait of Leonardo that was made several years after he created his masterpiece.

King told the Independent that while historians have long-suspected Leonardo placed images of himself in his works, no one has thoroughly researched "The Last Supper" for such evidence.

The 15-x-29-foot painting has been the source of endless speculation, though most of the analysis has focused on hidden meanings within the painting itself, such as how each of the apostles is reacting to the revelation that one of them has betrayed Jesus.

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