Aug 28 2012

Team Maddy: A Father Carries His Daughter

Team Maddy: Dad competes in triathlons with severely disabled daughter. TODAY

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Michigan dad Rick van Beek transformed himself from chain smoker to triathlete, a healthy turnaround inspired by his daughter, who has severe cerebral palsy. The change came four years ago when the family saw how much their daughter, Madison, enjoyed racing as she was being pushed in the Grand Rapids Marathon.

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Rick Van Beek, Father Competes In Triathlons With Daughter Maddy, Who Has Cerebral Palsy (PICTURES). Huffington Post 

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A devoted father has completed a triathlon while carrying, biking and pulling his disabled teenage daughter.

Rick Van Beek took part in Michigan's Sanford and Sun triathlon/ duathlon this weekend – and so did 13-year-old Maddy, who has cerebral palsy.

Van Beek completed the three-event race which included an Olympic triathlon with a 0.9-mile swim/24.9-mile bike/6.3-mile run, the sprint triathlon with a 0.3-mile swim/12.4-mile bike/3.1-mile run, and the duathlon with a 3.1-mile run/12.4-mile bike/3.1-mile run.

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