Aug 29 2012

Creationist Kids

Bill Nye the Science Guy asks parents not to raise creationist kids. TODAY

Creationists: Please don't teach your kids to deny evolution, begs science educator and television personality Bill Nye, who hosted "Bill Nye the Science Guy"  in the 1990s.

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8/30/2012 3:53:01 AM
BC United States

I used to think a lot like Bill Nye and perhaps thought that Genesis 1 was just an allegory of evolution.  Now I realize how much I made life too complicated by believing in evolution.  In an avalanche of messaging that daily is broadcast to us and our children about evolution and "billions" or "millions" of years, there is only one eyewitness to the whole process (God!) and He already gave us His testimony.

I do agree with Bill Nye about one thing: this is really all about our children and as a parent I want to show my children a firm faith commitment to the testimony of our Creator.  

Lastly, I am a researcher and will be heading back to the laboratory again this morning as I do every day.  God bless you, Scott, and thanks for sharing.

In Christ,
8/30/2012 4:32:17 AM
barb United States
i want to share an email i recieved from my 3rd graders teacher..I was sitting with a small reading group & during some history discussions, a boy in the group asked when the 1st tree was on earth.  Ember(my daughter) immediate brought up Genesis and even scripture "in the beginning..."  they discussed back & forth & i reminded them of the 1st 6 days.  Another boy in group giggled a little & said "yah  guys its not like you can find an answer to THAT ? in the bible"(he really didnt think that could be there).  at that moment Stephen(sitting at his desk) said "here i have a kids Bible in my desk"  he handed the Bible to the group & the rest of time the kids hovered over Genesis looking for mention of the 1st tree.  After the group i reflected, Ember has scripture at hand and Steven had the resourced and willingness to share!

I was thrilled & very proud when i recieved this email!  Not only do our children go to a public school but the teacher didnt stop the children from sharing from the Bible she also let them explore the Bible!  What a great example of our children living out their faith!!

8/30/2012 8:30:58 AM
Kristen United States
I am a christian and I am a public high school biology teacher.  I teach about evolution in my science classes, I am not allowed to teach creationism.  I encourage my students to listen to the facts presented about evolution and use their teachings in their churches about creationism and put them together to form their view of evolution.  Evolution and creationism can work together, to totally discount evolution is irresponsible.  Bill Nye is NOT saying anything about creationism being false, he is just saying that to not learn about evolution also is wrong with all of the evidence available.
8/30/2012 6:16:05 PM
Mark United States
I agree with Kristen. One should not discredit scientific fact if they do not believe it agrees with their interpretation of scripture. There are numerous christian scientist and religious leaders who believe science and christianity are completely compatible, ex.Language of God by Francis Collins. He was an atheist converted into a devout christian and head of the Human Genome Project in the 80's. Christian author Timothy Keller believes in evolution(The Reason for God)and was endorsed by  Christianity Today magazine and Rick Warren. Also in science a "Theory: is a credited as fact unless proven otherwise. When in question the data is a hypotheses.

Please do not assume the if someone does not believe everything as yourself they must not have a personal relationship with Christ.
8/30/2012 7:43:04 PM
BC United States

Please watch Bill Nye's video.  He does says there is no evidence for creationism and in a few centuries that viewpoint will not exist. I would include intelligent design or God's guidance on evolution as concepts that Bill Nye would say also has no evidence for it and will be gone in a couple of centuries, too.

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