Aug 30 2012

Cookie Monster Batman

Christian Bale's voice for Batman spurred this parody.

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8/30/2012 7:50:20 PM
Susan Rikli United States
Susan Rikli
I find it difficult to hear anything about the recent Batman Movie being discussed. The loss encountered in Colorado makes any reference to it awkward.  Comparing the lead character's voice to Cookie Monster may seem innocent, but I did not expect it. Does K-Love support the movie for viewing. Violence is not  something I see supporting. Just felt strange when I heard it on the radio today. Just a thought.  Especially for grieving family members of those lost who may look to K-Love for support. Not intending to be a guilt trip, but it did make me double check the station I was on. I am a faithful supportive listener. Thanks for allowing me to share my opinion.
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