Sep 03 2012

Woman is surrogate for her daughter

Woman about to give birth to her own grandchild. TODAY 

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Cindy Morales will give birth to her own grandchild later Thursday.

Morales offered to serve as a surrogate for her daughter, Emily Jordan, after cervical cancer forced doctors to remove Emily's uterus to save her life. It was a gift neither Emily nor her husband, Mike, could have anticipated.   

When Jordan was told she needed to have her uterus removed, she despaired of ever becoming a mom. Making it all more painful, on the eve of the surgery Emily’s doctor told her she was pregnant.

“She came up and over to the bed and she was shaking her head and said, ‘Emily I have to tell you we are required to run a pregnancy test before we start surgery and yours came back positive,’” Jordan told TODAY. “I can’t describe what that was like.”

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