Sep 07 2012

Candy Corn Oreos

Candy Corn Oreos To Arrive Monday, September 10. Hufington Post


The internet is abuzz today with a photo of Candy Corn Oreos making the rounds. The Oreo camp has confirmed to HuffPost Food that they are indeed real and they will be available exclusively at Target starting next week for a suggested retail price of $3.59.

The cookie is a limited edition (Halloween season, clearly) and several blogs are racing to try them (stay tuned, we've got people ON IT as well). From the looks of the product shot below, the cream center is half orange and half yellow. There's a strange amount of excitement going on about these, but we wonder if it is sheer amazement or sheer horror. If they are anything as good as Birthday Cake Oreos, we're in.

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9/7/2012 3:16:43 PM
Rita Morris United States
Rita Morris
I love cheesy puff corn i can't stop eating them.
9/7/2012 3:24:18 PM
Cindy United States
Oh, my husband and I got hooked on cheesy puff corn several years ago.  It sort of just melts in your mouth!  We haven't had any in a while......glad we got over that!
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