Sep 10 2012

Serving Each Other, Making A Difference

Your willingness to serve someone makes a difference.  When we take time to care about another person we can make the greatest impact.

What will you do to step in to make a difference in someone else's life?

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9/10/2012 4:12:05 PM
Dale Vig United States
Dale Vig
Hi Scott, I have enjoyed listening to you on KLOVE for a long time now. I am not exactly sure how many years, but I have been blessed many times by the words you have shared, the prayers you have prayed on air, and the songs you have played. That was, until today. I wasn't sure I had my radio on the right station when I heard you talking about 9/11. 9/11 affected all of us as a nation. It affected me even more as I serve. While I agree that9/11 should never be forgotten, I could not disagree with you more when you made all those "glowing" comments about political figures. I believe we ARE a Christian nation founded by God-fearing men. We are to pray for those in authority over us-not "worship" them. It made me ask myself if KLOVE is really a Christian or just a radio station that chooses to play Christian music. I challenge to think about what you really stand for. Dale Vig
9/11/2012 2:13:11 PM
Steve Corrales United States
Steve Corrales
I want to THANK OUR TROOPS WHO ARE FIGHTING to keep AMERICA safe. To ALL the NEW YORK FIRE FIGHTERS, POLICE, HOSPITALS and EVERYONE ELSE, THEY ARE ALL OUR HERO'S! They did what they knew was necessary to get the job done and save lives. None of these HERO'S had to do anything, they could have said, "Someone else will help." But they dove right in, not worrying about themselves because they saw the need of fellow AMERICAN'S who were in desperate need and hurt badly.

Our middle daughter was living with us temporarily between a getting a house for rent. I walked to the kitchen, on the way, her bedroom door was open and she had the TV on. I saw what might be previews to a movie. "What is that?" I asked, "Yea, that just happen in New York." As I watched one of the towers coming down, it all looked like it was happening in another country. When she left for school, I turned the TV on in the living room.

Alone I watched the horrific damage that had been done to AMERICA. I sat there in dismay with watery eyes praying as they began getting the death count. The real picture began to be received in my mind. I was stunned by it all, "Who did this and why, what did we ever do for anyone to kill innocent working people?" I thought, then the news began mentioning terrorists. A word I had heard many times in the past but now I realized who they were, what they were about and why! I remembered how we had recovered from all the previous wars AMERICA had been in. "We can recover from this too," I thought, we did but this was different, it was on AMERICAN soil that people were killed and a the damage had been done.

I will see the news today and when I see the towers videos again, I will cry. Cry for all the innocent children who lost their parents, parents who lost sons and daughters. The pain they still feel today and everyday but our AMERICA still stand strong as the statue of Liberty has done since it was first erected. We may not all get along (like a family) but you hurt anyone of us and you have a strong force to fight. A force of AMERICAN'S fighting to save each other from harm to any of our AMERICAN friends. AMERICA STILL STANDS STRONG AND PROUD! Even though we all feel pain today from the reminder of someone who tried hurting AMERICA.
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