Sep 13 2012

Special Guest Jason Jamison

Jason is the drummer for Tenth Avenue North.

We will talk with Jason about their new tour and new album The Struggle (Amazon | iTunes). You can download their title track, The Struggle, FREE in our Music Room.

Check out their tour dates, watch videos and learn more about the guys at

Reminiscing about NY & Partnering to see Christ lifted high.

Acknowledge the Struggle

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9/13/2012 2:44:57 PM
Barb United States
The song Losing has been ministering to me tremendously these past few months.  Each time I hear it, I feel God's presence reminding me it's in Him and his grace that allows me to forgive myself and those who have really hurt me.  When I actually heard the words "I feel like the one losing" I thought...did this guy read my mail...hahaha...I did feel like the one losing, but as God's child, I KNOW without a doubt that I'm not.  Thanks guys for such an awesome song!
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