Dec 24 2014
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Special Guest Jason Jamison
Sep 13 2012

Special Guest Jason Jamison

Jason is the drummer for Tenth Avenue North.

We will talk with Jason about their new tour and new album The Struggle (Amazon | iTunes). You can download their title track, The Struggle, FREE in our Music Room.

Check out their tour dates, watch videos and learn more about the guys at

Reminiscing about NY & Partnering to see Christ lifted high.

Acknowledge the Struggle

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9/13/2012 2:44:57 PM
Barb United States
The song Losing has been ministering to me tremendously these past few months.  Each time I hear it, I feel God's presence reminding me it's in Him and his grace that allows me to forgive myself and those who have really hurt me.  When I actually heard the words "I feel like the one losing" I thought...did this guy read my mail...hahaha...I did feel like the one losing, but as God's child, I KNOW without a doubt that I'm not.  Thanks guys for such an awesome song!
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