Sep 13 2012

Special Guest Shari Rigby

Shari Rigby is an actress talking with us about the movie October Baby. You can check out Every Life is Beautiful to find more about why every life matters.

October Baby

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9/13/2012 4:29:12 PM
Trina United States
I wanted to say that Shari is an amazingly strong lady to be open with the world about her past abortion and can see that there is still some sadness that she carries from it. It is not mentioned or acknowledged enough that abortion leaves life long scars on those who have had abortions and those who are affected by them. I have had two abortions over 25 years ago and wanted to share that there is a wonderful post abortion recovery Bible Study called Forgiven and Set Free. The Center for Life Choices in Ukiah California offers this study. It is amazing and now I can talk about my baby and know that I'm forgivin and my babies are in Heaven.
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