Jan 10 2013

Operation Blessing is Making a Difference

The folks at Operation Blessing are making a HUGE difference for folks devastated by Hurricane Sandy, including a retired couple from Breezy Point, NY.

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1/10/2013 3:31:41 PM
Lisa Carlson United States
Lisa Carlson
My husband listens to KLOVE while he works, often times he'll come home and play a song (or two or three or four) that he has heard on the station that he really enjoyed.  So he played The Proof of Your Love and I felt an instant connection to the song, in my heart. Since deciding to take the 30 day challenge, EVERY time I hear the song, I turn up the volumn. Now mind you, I'm listening to KLOVE on my computer...at work. And if someone walks into my office where I have to mute the music, I'll jump on youtube and play the video so I can hear the song.  Now I have found more songs that I thoroughly enjoy by for KING AND COUNTRY.  Love listening to your music.  Oh now you are singing live on the station..BEAUTIFUL music to my ears and heart.
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