Jan 16 2013

God Loves You!

Maybe this is the first time you're hearing that, but chances are good, that you've heard that a million times... But have you really thought about how amazing that is?  Last night Louie Giglio addressed the families of Newtown, CT., sharing the hope that we have as believers in Christ.  He reminded us that God draws closest to us in our darkest hours.  Louie addressed the hopelessness that makes moving forward so hard, he said, "Look to the Cross", because it reminds you just how much "God Loves You!"

When you stop and really and think about it, it is really profound isn't it?  as Tim Keller so eloquently puts it, "God loves you just because He loves you."  So simple, yet so profound.

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1/16/2013 3:11:15 PM
T United States
Scott and Kelly
I am in one of the darkest places I have been in my entire life I think.  I am a single mom 55 who has dedicated my life to parenting and loving unconditionally children with special needs through adoption, I have 6 ages 16-5.  My 10 year old has a mental illness and as the result of a letter written my a counselor in hopes of helping my get a respite grant, fabricated an entire letter making me appear as a less than competent mother, I am now involved in the world of CPS, never imagining I would ever be on this side of the fence and the grass is not greener, now they have turned the file over to the county attorney and it will be up to a judge whether or not they remove my son from my home, my 10 year old son functions like a preschooler, has Autism and has had some behavioral issues.  My heart is breaking and my faith being tested as I wait to find out what the out come will be. Please please pray God gives me peace and the Judge the compassionate heart God has given me, it will not be in my sons best interest to be removed from my home.
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