Feb 06 2013

Guest Blog from Joel Houston of Hillsong United

We appreciate ministries like K-LOVE who have been so encouraging and inspirational to so many people in so many different circumstances.

Spending time with this crew today was meaningful and I'm thankful for having the opportunity to share a little bit about our vision for our new record which will be released February 26th.

For this new project, we wanted to really capture a fresh vision for what it is we do, why we do it and what it means to be part of the church. We wanted this new project to be about what it means to be a part of what He wants to do.

Zion. It's an interesting word, with several meanings and connotations. We read about it, sing about it and even wonder where it is. In Biblical terms it is the hill on which the city of David was built and perhaps where the Ecclesiastical meaning of the highest place, or Heaven, comes from.  Zion is precious to the heart of God and it's essentially what Jesus came to establish -- Heaven on earth. God is birthing His kingdom in us and through us here on earth and that is exemplified through what Jesus is about: mercy, love, forgiveness, generosity, justice - all of those things - and that's how we are called to live our lives. We get the chance to be a part of building God's kingdom here on earth.

The whole point of this album is the realization that God is doing His thing, and He has already done it, He is establishing His Church, and it's through us. It's through each one of us.

The album was birthed out of our cry, "God I want to be a part of what it is you're doing, if that means write a song, we'll do our best to write the best songs we can. If it means serving the poor and those who are hurting, then we're going to do it better than we've ever done it before. If it means just being a great son or daughter, brother or sister, mum or dad - wherever it is we find ourselves - then let's do that better than we've ever done it before.

Everything we do as UNITED, whether it be from recording or writing these songs, to playing them in front of people and all the production that goes with it or whatever part we play, it's all an expression of a really extraordinary God doing what only He can do through really ordinary people who love Him and want to serve Him.

We hope these songs, in some way, are an encouragement for people everywhere.

-Joel Houston


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