Oct 05 2015

South Carolina Hit with "1000-Year Flood"

South Carolina Hit by Torrential Rainfall, Eight Dead


Determined Couple Gets Married During SC Flooding


In Other News...

World Teachers' Day Aims to Honor and Inspire for a Brighter Tomorrow


How Screwy Weekend Eating May Wreck Your Metabolism


French Bulldog Chases Two Bears from California Home


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Oct 02 2015
Oct 01 2015
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Feb 14 2013

Heard on Today's Show



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For those of you scrambling to put something together, here's some easy-peezy meals for tonight's menu!


Valentine's Around the World


Can Love Conquer All for this Couple?

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Are women more jealous than men on Facebook? What do you think?


Keeping Romance Alive . . . after Kids!


A Mother's Love

What a beautiful story of love between a mother and her late son



Flash Proposal . . . and Wedding!

Would you be okay with your future fiance planning an impromptu wedding? WOW!




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