Mar 19 2013

Tuesday - Heard On Today's Show!

Thank you to our service men and women - sad story of marines killed during training.

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Tired of spending a small fortune on your beauty regimen? These DIY recipes should help save money!

Sweet Story! Veteran anonymously gives a gift to solder's girlfriend.

Flower-girl meltdown! Did you have one at your wedding?!

Former Homeless Teen gets full ride scholarship to Stanford University - WOW!

Talk about an awkward moment: Woman gives birth in Walmart!

Known anyone that climbed Mt. Everest? You can too - via your desktop!

Biggest Loser Winner announced last night - were your predictions right?

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Guess what the biggest driving distraction is? If you said texting, you'll be surprised!

Roommate of UCF's gunman describes his near-death experience.


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3/20/2013 10:26:58 AM
Dave Parsons United States
Dave Parsons

I heard you talk about a story the other day about a man who gave his wife flowers every Valentines Day with the words, "My love for you is eternal" The flowers kept coming after he died because he prepaid for years. I'm trying to get a copy of that story. Can you tell me how I can get it? I would appreciate it.

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