Mar 30 2013

Saturday Updates

Thank you Jesus for your sacrifice for us! I saw this thought from Ben Fielding of Hillsong Church:

"Easter Saturday is a reminder that In the uncertainty of silence - be still and know He is God" 

We hope you are having a wonderful Easter weekend with your family!!!

Avoid these 10 immune system snags.

Hilarious! 2-year old bed-time bandit!

What?! Chocolate can save your life?! Good to know!!!

Panera's new experiment.

PEEPS! The candy you can dress-up! :)

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3/30/2013 5:18:42 PM
Melissa Pollard United States
Melissa Pollard
This is funny reminds me of my now 7 year old.  His daycare put childproof locks on the doors just for him and in 5 minutes he had it figured out (age 2).  He also would use a pen cap to break into my fireproof safe at home when he was 2.  Good thing is now he does pick locks just hope he doesn't start picking it up again in the future.
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