May 09 2013

Pinterest Stress for Moms

A Mother's Day gift for Pregnant Moms - what do you think?

New Survey: Pinterest Stress afflicts many moms.

Fancy Footwork on the treadmill

P.S. by the way, ask Kelli why she won't step on one :)

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Students build robotic locker opener for disabled classmate

Top baby names for 2012 and Kelli's new car "Sophia" have something in common.

Interesting: Huggies tweets you for the next diaper change.

Cleveland suspect's daughter: "Embarrassed and Disappointed".

Abercrombie & Fitch only carries small sizes.

Prince Harry supports Hurricane Sandy victims.



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5/10/2013 7:38:30 PM
Michelle United States
I have much more time and energy the weeks I never check Facebook once.  I'm sure the same would hold true for Pinterest.  This social media addiction that has everyone buried in their gadgets and comparing their lives to those of their very best 1000 friends isn't a good thing.  Need me?  Pick up a phone or email.  I'll be out having lunch and enjoying a nice conversation with a real, live friend or family member.
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