Aug 08 2013

Thieves return stolen items & more!

Thieves return their bounty after they realize they stole from a charity.

Need some help with your back to school shopping list? Here you go.

The famed "Love Boat" is taking its final journey.

Save the pandas!

Praying for those in Southern California affected by the wildfires.

Have you ever found a shark on your train ride

Check out this inspirational story about a toddler from China!

Boost your brain power... with chocolate

The Spanish bull race is coming to America. 

So much cuteness. Tiger cubs!

Deadly floods hit Missouri.

Like coffee? If you brew your own java, here are some good tips!

More on the child abductions in California.

Eat a big breakfast, lose weight!

A new clothing line with a Christian message- launched by an ex-Victoria's Secret model!

Which side are you on? A crumb makes all the difference...

Apps for kiddos? Not so much.

Friends stay friends-- kids aren't a dealbreaker!

A kangaroo kept a 7-year-old safe. Incredible.

This 13-year-old quadruple amputee is devoting himself to a great cause.

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