Apr 17 2014

Scott and Kelli Serve With Feed My Starving Children

Sporting our hairnets (whether we have hair or not...!) to serve with Feed My Starving Children yesterday. We LOVE this ministry! 

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Apr 15 2014

#WorldsToughestJob, Boston Marathon, and Blood Moon


The Inspiration Behind The Viral Ad For #WorldsToughestJob 


'Boston Is Ready To Run Again': City Revisits Tragedy, Looks Ahead 


Low Blood Sugar Tied To 'Hangry' Fights With Spouse 

More Boston Marathon: 

Jane Richard Embodies 'Boston Strong' A Year After Marathon Bombing 

Portraits Of Boston Marathon Survivors 

Boston Strong Stories, One Year Later 


 Tax Day Deals:

Cocktails, Free Food and Other Tax Day Deals  



 Scott took these amazing photos of the

Blood Moon last night...Enjoy!


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Apr 14 2014
Death to Despair
Aug 21 2013

Death to Despair

Few things weigh you down more than despair and a complete lack of hope. Walking along the streets of Bangkok, we have certainly seen the face of despair. Bangkok is a city of 12 million, many of whom, make less a day than what minimum wage pays in an hour in the United States.   

Hope’s enemy is despair, it is described as “The complete loss or absence of hope,” whereas, Webster’s defines hope as, “A feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen.”  

Today in Bangkok, we saw despair delivered a deathblow because of what World Vision is doing through people just like you and me, people who care about others the way that Jesus commanded us too, “loving the least of these.” Child sponsorship is not only transforming these children’s lives, but the lives of their families and their communities.  

Today in Bangkok, we met families whose entire lives have been transformed because of sponsorship.  They still have very little, but they are managing to live off the little they have.  They have hope now, because they realize that for the first time in their family’s history, their children, by getting an education, can break the bonds of poverty.  The kids dream about college and becoming teachers, engineers and fashion designers.

World Vision is also bringing these different families together, and now they are caring for one another. When they see another family in need, they give whatever they can to help, and they don’t have much. Most of the parents that we met work 20 hours a day to bring home between $5-10, but they give anyway.  All because World Vision sponsors have taught them how powerful giving to and caring for others can be.  They have learned that hope changes EVERYTHING!

Seeing their love and care for one another has been humbling. If we, as Christians, were as generous, we could eradicate hunger and poverty around the World, and why wait for tomorrow?  There are kids, families and communities, just like this one, in need of hope today!  As Christians, we are called to be “the light of the world”, to be Christ’s ambassadors in the world.  You can bring hope to these families for about a dollar a day, such a small price to change the life of a child, their family and their community. Be 1 of the 1,000 this month to share Love Around The World and sponsor a World Vision child TODAY!

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