Oct 14 2010

Imagine the Impact of God's Word

A Biblestick in the hands of a soldier. Each new EZ Gift $40 pledge releases another audio New Testament from Faith Comes By Hearing to one of our soldiers around the world! So excited to be a part of this project - will you please join us.

Found these awesome testimonies on the Faith Comes By Hearing website:


“Many of us have been in Iraq for a while, and the doldrums lifestyle leaves you worn out and empty. It has never been easier to get into God’s Word.”
--Chaplain’s Assistant, Iraq

"Listening to the audio Bible really helped me to understand the emotions in the Bible. I can read the words over and over, but to hear the word spoken to me really puts it all together. Thank you."
-- U.S. soldier, Kosovo

Thanks for getting involved - For more info about making a pledge to K-LOVE, click here


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Oct 13 2010

How has God made you beautiful?

Have you ever heard the right song at just the right time? Check out Dana's story about the song 'More Beautiful You' by Jonny Diaz

"My 6 year old daughter was badly burned on March 10th of this year. I was lost and angry and scared. Three months later, I was worried about what she would go through because of her scars. I did not want her to look at herself any different.

I finally broke down in my car one day. I asked God to guide me while I helped her. Not even five minutes later, K-LOVE played Jonny Diaz 'More Beautiful You.' I truly believe that I got my message from God. My daughter and I consider that her song now. We know that God made her exactly who she should be. Thank you K-LOVE and Jonny Diaz for spreading God's word. It reached this family."


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Oct 12 2010

We are LOVING pledge drive

Yes, we really do love pledge drive - the stories we're hearing from our listeners are incredible. Got a story you'd like to tell us about how God uses K-LOVE in your life? Please share it with us

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There Can Never Be A More Beautiful You
Aug 21 2013

There Can Never Be A More Beautiful You

Standing in the check-out line at the grocery store last night, I saw images of "perfect" women and headlines that promised that "The Flat-belly Diet," would get rid of my post-baby pooch and the miracle workout that would help me "Lose 10 Pounds" this month. I could achieve "perfection" if I tried hard enough. This message is repeated over and over on TV, in movies, in magazines and even, at times, in our own families.

That is why I am so grateful for those in the fashion and image industry who are willing to speak up about the unrealistic expectations that are placed on women in our culture. Model Carre' Otis has recently revealed that she was severely sleep-deprived, near starvation and using drugs at the height of her career. She has said that she often got letters from fans. She said “There was one type of letter that consistently left me uneasy: the type that made up about 80 percent of my fan mail, it was the one from the young girl in the age range of 10 to 15, seeking my advice about how to become what I was only pretending to be. They wanted my tips and my beauty ‘secrets.’ But I wasn't willing to reveal the real secrets: the destructive behaviors and inner torment. I was keeping those secrets not only from my earnest fans but from myself as well.”

A modeling agency is trying to change this unhealthy trend in our culture by hiring models sized 2-12 and promoting the idea that beauty comes in all different shapes and sizes. Yes! Thank you!

I am so grateful that there are those who are brave enough to say "Enough is enough!" But, I am most grateful that we have a God who "knit us together in our mother's womb" (Ps. 139:13) and who says "You are beautiful!" As Johnny Diaz sings in his song "More Beautiful You," "You were made to fill a purpose that only you could do, so there could never be a more beautiful you."


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