Jun 21 2012

Beat The Heat!

I remember what I got for my 30th birthday, a few grey hairs and a cake. What did you get?

Prince William turns the big 3-0! TODAY 

Tips For Keeping Cool During Hot Weather. abc NEWS 

Ice cream shortage on New York's hot Day 1 of summer. YAHOO! NEWS

”Abba’s Child” by Brennan Manning 

"I wish I could say life gets easier being a Christian but we all face difficult seasons," Scott.

Smartphone addictions: Is it real? WJLA 

True confession time: are you addicted to your cell phone? Facebook Poll Question 

Smartphone Addiction and Why?

The Tonight Show 

Legless man climbs Kilimanjaro - on his hands. NY Daily NEWS 

Twitter goes down, productivity skyrockets. TODAY 

Minnesota woman finds diamond ring in Goodwill store capri pants. NY Daily NEWS


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Jun 20 2012

Summer Time

Do you remember when you first realized summer was different for adults? You realized your parents don't get a vacation and have fun all day. My daughter began to realize that this summer.  Tell us about your experience on Facebook.

Gym Bans Skinny People. Shine from YAHOO! 

S.African innovator takes water out of showering. YHAOO! NEWS 

We all love free stuff -- here's how to get it. TODAY 

'Milk In My Sippy Cup': Pint-Sized Kid Stars In Adorable Rap Video. Huffington Post

We are now myth busters...The top summer myths debunked. AZ Central 

10 'Cheap' Summer Ideas for Little Kids. Shine from YAHOO! 

Angelina Jolie looks chilling as fairy-tale villain Maleficent. TODAY 

Why are the new fairy-tale movies so dark? A listener called and tells us here.

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Jun 19 2012

Shot with Spear

Teenager shot with spear through head survives. TODAY

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy 

Tips For Keeping Cool During Hot Weather. abc NEWS 

Facebook to show you ads based on your Web browsing. CNN 

Arsenio Hall returning to late-night TV. CBS NEWS

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How God used K-LOVE in Donna's Life
Oct 02 2013

How God used K-LOVE in Donna's Life

Everyday we here amazing stories of how God uses the ministry of K-LOVE, it wouldn't be possible without the support of listeners just like you. We believe that 'hope changes everything,' and this note from Donna about how God has used the station in here life, is proof.

"I started listening to K-love in 2010 and gave my first pledge in the spring pledge drive in 2012. I went through my daughter being killed in a semi-truck in January 2012 and then my marriage of 12 years ended in April 2012 because my husband said he never loved me, but through it all K-LOVE was there; encouraging me. I am praising God every day for the fact I get up every morning and turn on K-LOVE and am encouraged to keep on keeping on. I believe that God causes all things to work together for our good. The Lord uses an encouraging word by a DJ or a song at just the right time, and boy it makes a big difference to know God is always there no matter what comes our way.

I know how important it is to continue to support K-LOVE so others can have K-LOVE to help encourage them in the goodness and mercy of Our Father God."

Thanks to people just like you, stories like this are possible! You can give NOW at www.klove.com or call us anytime at 1-800-525-5683!

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