Oct 18 2013

Inspired to Make a Difference!

You frequently hear us talk about the importance of doing something kind for someone else, doing something that makes a difference. I think that while most of us want to help others, we are often immobilized by insecurities. There are so many needs…what can I possibly do to help? I'm just one person.

Trevor Sims didn't let that stop him. Trevor was just 11 years old. He was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 5.  His dying wish was to make a difference. He wanted to feed the hungry. When he was first diagnosed, his Mom had to take care of him full-time, so they had very little money. He knew what it was to be hungry. He didn't want anyone else to feel that way. So, a city-wide campaign in Trevor's name was organized in his hometown of Baton Rouge, LA. In just one week, through donations of food and money to the Baton Rouge Food Bank, he was able to provide 200,000 meals! 

Trevor felt that it was important to make a difference by doing little things for people. He said,  "You can make a difference everyday just by helping someone who is getting bullied or helping someone cross the street."

Trevor lost his battle with cancer, but his mother hopes that the food drive will continue annually in Trevor's name. That is one boy who knew how to make a difference! May we learn from him today. You can read the full story HERE.

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