Oct 31 2013

The Most Successful Football Play Of All Time!

As a sports fan, I will admit that, as fans, we can put too much emphasis on sports at times. But, there are times that sports can deliver messages that we can all cling to, sports fan or not.  Football congers up images of gladiators dressed in their pads and helmets looking to physically out match their opponents, but on occasion you get a glimpse behind the all the padding to see what it is that really holds a team together… HEART!

All the students at Olivet Middle school, in Olivet, MI, know classmate Keith Orr as a hugger. Keith struggles with some learning difficulties, but it has never stopped him from participating in school, Keith even joined the football team this year.  Without letting their coaches know,  the team cooked up a plan to help Keith score a touchdown, which even required them to kneel down on the 1 yard line, when they could have easily scored.  Keith came in and ran the ball across the goal line, scoring his first touchdown!  His team said they wanted Keith to know that he was most definitely part of the team, and that they would "always have his back".

This isn't the first time that you have seen a football team do something like this, so what about this play makes it the "most successful football play of all time"?  It's the way that it effected Keith's teammates. Wide receiver Justice Miller, through tears, told CBS News reporter Steve Hartman, "Keith has never been cool or popular, He went from being pretty much a nobody to making everyone's day."  With tears streaming down his face, Justice admitted that he would have never thought of this, saying "I kind of went from being somebody who mostly cared about myself and my friends to caring about everyone and trying to make everyone's day and everyone's life better."  Which is precisely why CBS reporter Steve Hartman said, "this may just make that touchdown,  "the most successful play of all time."

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