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A Note of Thanks for Praying for Mark Hall of Casting Crowns!

"Mark Is Out of Surgery. Everything Went Really Well. Dr Says Textbook Operation. Just Like We Prayed For. I Told The Doctor That He Might Possibly be the Most Prayed for Doctor on the Planet Today. He Will be in Recovery for a While. Thank You So Much For Your Prayers." -Casting Crowns


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Russell Wilson's Faith in God
Jan 30 2014

Russell Wilson's Faith in God

Scott and Kelli were at Media Day in New York City for the Super Bowl and were able to speak with Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson about the importance of his faith in God and how it affects his play on the football field. "In terms of my faith, that's the number one thing in my life. To be able to play the game of football...I give all the glory to Him," Russell says. Hear the whole interview below, and also learn about Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning's Christian faith in a recent article in the Christian Post.

Russell Wilson at Media Day before the Super Bowl

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