Feb 14 2014

Cheesy Valentine Winning poem

‚Äč"Shoes" by Granny B

I Love you more than all my shoes!!
If its a choice its you I'd choose!!
I'd sell them all and have bare feet!!
Cold of winter or in the heat!!
Who needs cute shoes when I have you!!!!
Get rid of them all; old and new!!!!

But wait... those pumps are really cute!!!!
and Oh look it's my favorite boot!!!!
and don't the sling backs have a great heel!!!!
the pumps were on sale, they were a steal!!!!
OH NO... It seems now I might be torn...
but love you more than ones I've never worn?
Even tho I bought them for a dress...
I could wear the tan ones I guess....
Ok wait......
I love you more than any hat!!
It's you I'd choose and that is that!!

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