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NASCAR Fan Killed By Lightning "Michael McDowell talks about fan killed by lightning. [mp3:] NASCAR fan killed by lightning identified. USA Today A 41- ..." Type: Post
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Pray for Unity "Pray for Unity In light of the divided response in our country to the verdict in the George Zimmerman trial, our prayer is that we will choose to speak words of love and unity to one another. Romans ..." Type: Post
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Dog's Reunion, Marriage Mishaps, and Mickey Rooney
Apr 07 2014

Dog's Reunion, Marriage Mishaps, and Mickey Rooney

Dog Who Went Missing Before Superstorm Sandy Is Reunited

With His Owners After 17 Months 


Marriage Proposal Falls Flat In Fiery Air Balloon Crash  


Building Goes Up In Flames Moments After Bride And Groom Say 'I Do'


Legendary Actor Mickey Rooney Dies At 93 

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