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Happy Teacher Appreciation Day! "It's Teacher Appreciation Day today! Been thinking of our favorite teachers. Who was your favorite teacher and why? Are you a teacher? If so...THANKS! We love you!" Type: Post!.aspx
Let's brag on our teachers! "My son, Alec came home very sad the other day and announced that his teacher (who taught both our boys and is FANTASTIC!) has been layed off, along with 23,000 teachers in California. Thank ..." Type: Post!.aspx
Thanks, teachers! "Today is National Teacher Day! We love teachers and want them to know how much we appreciate all the hard work they do for our kids! Feel free to say "Thanks" to your teacher here!" Type: Post!.aspx
Show Your Teacher Appreciation "Share your Teacher Appreciate photos with us on Facebook. Download your Certificate of Appreciation today.    Our friend Angelica's children showing their certificates." Type: Post
What makes a great teacher? "NBC News is focusing on education all week and Bill Gates is spending big bucks to improve education. His question: What makes a great teacher? You can help! What do YOU think makes a great teacher? S ..." Type: Post
Looking for teacher gift ideas! "Hey parents! It's that time of year again...time to come up with a meaningful, unique gift for our kids' teachers. Any great ideas? Teachers...what do YOU like to receive as a special gift? Help!" Type: Post!.aspx
Swim Teacher with MS Inspires Thousands of Kids "MS hasn't stopped this swim teacher from making an impact. Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy Stealth Snowmobile developed by Canadians. Men with beards look ..." Type: Post
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Teacher's Prayer "Source: via Scott on Pinterest" Type: Post
Ohio Teacher With No Arms, Instructs And Inspires "Mary Gannon instructs and inspires with her feet. She uses her toes as naturally as if they were fingers, writing on the board, typing on the computer and passing out papers. Gannon, born with no arms ..." Type: Post
Daddy's Poem...a poem to honor our Veteran's today "Scott shared a poem on the show today that shows the sacrifice that our servicemen and women are willing to make every day. Many have asked for that poem. Here it is: Daddy's Poem Her hair was up in ..." Type: Post
Back to school advice! "It's back to school time! Got a question for the teachers: what can we parents do to prepare our kids to return to school. This is your chance, teachers! What would you say to us parents?" Type: Post!.aspx
Pray for Oklahoma! "Pray for Oklahoma Please pray for our friends and listeners in Oklahoma! If you are looking for ways to help or info on where to donate - please check our *Oklahoma Tornado Relief Efforts* page. Teac ..." Type: Post
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Nation Adoption Day November 17, 2012 " Abandoned Texas Boy Reunited with Fireman Who Found Him as Infant. abc News By CHRISTINA NG (@ChristinaNg27) It was on a cold November morning 10 years ago that fireman Wesley Keck noticed some ..." Type: Post
Really? Beans for lunch? "If you're a parent, you've probably found that the struggle to feed our kids healthy food (that they will actually eat!) is constant! It can be tough to choose the right foods to put in their lunchbox ..." Type: Post
8 Year-Old Abbie Finds $4,000 and Returns It "Maine Girl Returns Lost Money, Gains Awesome Reward. Shine from YAHOO! Way to go Abbie! Ask yourself honestly: You find a big wad of cash on the ground, there are no surveillance cameras in sight, an ..." Type: Post$4000-and-Returns-It.aspx
Family is a Blessing "Humbled by what Charin shared with her teacher this week! Children are one of God's greatest blessings!" Type: Post
Life Light, Bambi & Sports "This weekend September 2 - 4, 2011 Some of the artists that will be there: Chris August, Building 429, Britt Nicole, Sanctus Real, Tenth Avenue North, Jeremy Camp and more. Someone save Bambi's mom! ..." Type: Post
What do you do to remember something? "My son Austin had an unusual first day at school, his English teacher spent the first day of class working on memorizing everyone's name... He receited each kid's name like 10 times, saying he realize ..." Type: Post
Connecting, Concerning and Odd "A fiance's love saved 25-year-old teacher Gul Karacoban from being left to die under the rubble of a restaurant she was eating at when a deadly earthquake struck eastern Turkey. Fiancé saves wo ..." Type: Post
Faith "In light of the new song, “Forgiveness” by Matthew West, I thought you would think this was cool. God Simply Wants Us  English teacher behind viral video: 'Kids have to rumble.' US ..." Type: Post