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Wow, God Used a Child to Save My Life! "Wow, God used a child to save my life!  This week we heard about 2 kids in the news that help save the life of family members - a 3-year-old girl who walked two blocks to a fire department to get ..." Type: Post
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Know God, Psalm 145 "If you've ever struggled in really knowing who God is and what He is really like, recently I learned that all it takes is one Psalm.  ONE!  It's Psalm 145, and here's what I found out about ..." Type: Post
Women Feel They Should Do More to Serve God "In its latest religious study, the Barna Group has measured the perceptions of Christian women in America across a variety of different topics, including their place in the church and how they serve G ..." Type: Post
Asking God Why "Is it ok to ask God Why? This is Kankelfritz's flash drive of questions for God for when they meet face to face." Type: Post
God's Word Coming Alive "One thing that is cool about God's Word is that at any given moment he can make it come alive in a different way. "And you must love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, all your mind ..." Type: Post
Wow, God - He Delivers "Did you hear the story about the Colorado family that ordered pizza, then the husband had a heart attack?  They called 911 and immediately the door bell rang.  It was the pizza.  Little ..." Type: Post
"Wow God" I got so much more than a million dollars "Survivor's Julie Wolfe was on K-LOVE with us Wednesday morning. She is on CBS this Sunday night as part of the jury for the finale.  She went to Survivor for the million dollars. She left with so ..." Type: Post
God is faithful "I'm going to add to this blog, on and off throughout the day. After 20 years of marriage, many ups and downs, pain, prayers, and more story than I can type right now during the AM show... God was fa ..." Type: Post
You and God Just Saved a Life! & More "Thank you for giving through K-LOVE! You and God JUST saved Andrew's life![mp3:]   Kankelfritz calls himself?[ ..." Type: Post!-More.aspx
Out Live Your Life - Do Good Quietly (Chapter 9) "Chapters posted will be made available on the Lisa & Eric page for one week.  To purchase Out Live Your Life by Max Lucado, click here. All author royalties from the book will go towards buil ..." Type: Post
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He says God woke him up... Type: Post
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God already has it figured out! "I (Craig) find this interesting since I battled clinical depression for 10 years!  Researchers have discovered a gene that plays a major role in the brain of people who suffer from depression. Th ..." Type: Post!.aspx
Zach Trusts In God "Here is an amazing story about a couple who trusted fully in God when they were facing big changes! " Type: Post
Living with Purpose "Amy Baumann shared this with me yesterday and I so loved reading it.  I thought you might want to read it, too.  enjoy...Lis Living With Purpose Published on 12 August 2006 in Health - Bio ..." Type: Post
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God Uses K-LOVE to Save Angela's Life "Angela lost her daughter Emily, and she and her husband separated - she felt she had no reason to go on BUT, God was able to use K-LOVE to reach her and minister to her heart and change her life! [mp3 ..." Type: Post
Holding onto God's Promise "We are talking with an incredible young woman about God's promise for her marriage and the marriage commitment she made with her husband. [mp3: ..." Type: Post
God Uses K-LOVE "God uses K-LOVE in amazing ways each day. As we kick off our Spring Pledge Drive, we ask for your support so that we can continue ministering to you and others like Jessica: [mp3:http://files.emfcdn. ..." Type: Post
Great stuff happening this morning! God rocks!! "“I took the K-LOVE thirty day challenge the beginning of this year to only listen to Christian music. Now it's the only thing I listen to. When I noticed a difference in myself, I decided to cha ..." Type: Post!-God-rocks!!.aspx
Encouraging Story of the Day - God's Warning to a Trucker "Our Encouraging Story from yesterday. Listen as Paul shares how a warning from God saved his life: [mp3:]" Type: Post
Wow, God ... Heaven is for Real "Heaven Is for Real is the true story of the four-year old son of a small town Nebraska pastor who during emergency surgery slips from consciousness and enters heaven. What little Colton would lat ..." Type: Post
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