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Significantly Numbered "Is there anything special about the numbers lining up? No. With regards to the 11:11 phenomenon, rather than being a supernatural warning sign, psychologists say it is a classic case of "apophenia," ..." Type: Post
Matthew West is Outnumbered! "We had a nice chat with Matthew West about how he is outnumbered at home! :-)  How are you outnumbered? " Type: Post!-.aspx
Bible on My Phone! "There's been lots of talk about Bible apps availalbe for smartphones. We thought this would be fun to share!  " Type: Post!.aspx
Thursday Highlights: Jacob's Phone Call, Will Knot, a Powerful Gift, and the Encouraging Story of the Day "Jacob's parents are divorcing. He called to hear the song Restore. [mp3:]   Met a guy named Will Knot! [m ..." Type: Post
Wrong Number, Misophonia & the Encouraging Story of the Day "       " Type: Post
Amy's Confession, a Phone Call From Manny, & More! "Thanks for calling in Manny.[mp3:]   After 30 years, Amy finally confesses to her Dad.[mp3:http://files.emfcdn ..." Type: Post!.aspx
Worst Tech Predictions Ever "Can you imagine a world without a home computer or a cell phone? If expert -- and very bold -- prognosticators had been right, that's exactly where we would be living now. "As we all know, foretelling ..." Type: Post
Carrying Heavy Baggage "A "nocturnal" orchid that blooms only under the cover of darkness has been discovered on a tropical island in the South Pacific — a first for the orchid world, scientists say. God uses the natur ..." Type: Post
Made to Crave - Day 18 "Day 18: I’m Not Defined by the Numbers Based on Chapter 7 of Made to Crave Thought for the Day: “We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of G ..." Type: Post
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Just Give Me 5 Seconds "Amy has purchased her turkey for the thanksgiving meal she's hosting Thursday. She's still not sure how to prepare her first-ever turkey.... Is There Any Truth To The 5 Second Rule? The "five-second ..." Type: Post "Some people are saying this site is addictive.  It can do a lot of cool things including coordinating your vacations with your family and friends, as well as keeping track of flight times, c ..." Type: Post
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Surviving Major Life Crisis "Surviving Major Life Crisis –   10 insights to guide you through stressful events with greater strength   by: Dwight Bain, Crisis Counselor   Life is harder than ever, ..." Type: Post
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Out Live Your Life - Pray First; Pray Most (Chapter 15) "Chapters posted will be made available on the Lisa & Eric page for one week.  To purchase Out Live Your Life by Max Lucado, click here. All author royalties from the book will go towards buil ..." Type: Post
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Extra Money "Eight Weird Ways to Make Extra Money 1. Sell you for science.  You can sell whole blood or plasma. According to American Red Cross standards, you have to weigh at least 110 pounds, be 18 or olde ..." Type: Post
Hurricane Season "Today is the beginning of "Hurricane Season".  Now, you may live in an area that doesn't have to worry about hurricanes, but for some, hurricanes are an all-too-real part of your life.  ..." Type: Post
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New Year's Resolutions "Resolutions Things are changing in the world of New Year’s resolutions. Researchers have found that losing weight has fallen from the number one spot to number four, and a few different resolut ..." Type: Post
Love Dare - Day 4 "Day 4 Love is thoughtful How precious also are Your thoughts to me. . . . How vast is the sum of them! If I should count them, they would outnumber the sand. —Psalm 139:17–18   Lo ..." Type: Post
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Father's Day Quotes ""Fathers are the great gift-givers of the world!"- Mrs. John Bruce Dodd, founder of Father’s Day"One father is worth more than a hundred schoolmasters."- George HerbertThe father of a couple of ..." Type: Post
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Haiti "WAYS TO HELP: -Food for the Hungry -World Vision -World Concern The Global Orphan Project The Hands and Feet Project Samaritan's Purse From Switchfoot's Twitter:   Oxfam is on the gro ..." Type: Post
Michael Jackson and Stuff ... "The death of Michael Jackson most definitely evoked memories, emotions and reactions from all that heard the news.  Lisa heard some people on "another" radio station making jokes about Jackson an ..." Type: Post
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