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    • Thank you for sharing your stories with us over the past two weeks. Thanks to our friends Sidewalk Prophets, we were able to hear some amazing stories and grant 10 people their wish to go home for the holidays. Congratulations to our winners:

      Tuesday 11/5 - Tasha from San Angelo, TX (hear the phone call)
      I would like to be reunited with my Dad. My parents divorced 13 years ago and I haven't been able to spend a Holiday with him since. The last time I saw him was 5 years ago when one of my brothers left this Earth to be in Heaven. Financial restriction on both sides has kept us apart. Over those 5 years I have gotten married and had a baby with baby number 2 in the oven. It would be the biggest blessing to see him and to have him meet his first grandchild and meet my husband."  

      Wednesday 11/6 - Kim from Jacksonville, FL (hear the phone call)
      "I am 35 years old and I have never met my mother. I live in Florida and she lives in Arizona. Up until about 2 years ago, I didn't even think she existed. I learned of my adoption when I was 12 years old and have been on a journey to find my roots ever since. Thanks to the internet, I found her. I have biological siblings and other relatives, something I never thought I would have. Please help me meet them for the first time!"  

      Thursday 11/7 - Faye from Cyril, OK (hear the phone call)
      "I would like to go to spend the holidays with my Dad. Growing up we didn't have a relationship, because my Mom and him divorced when I was very young. We have a strong relationship now and I love him dearly. Last year he was diagnosed with prostate and bladder cancer, he went through chemo and surgery and is now cancer free. I do not recall ever spending a holiday with him. It would mean so much to him and me if I were to be there for the holidays. Thank You K-LOVE."  

      Thursday 11/7 (story #2) - Carol from Salina, KS (hear the phone call)
      "I have not seen my son in at least 8 years. He is in the army. He has been to Iraq and was stationed in north Carolina where they will be going back to again soon. I have 3 grandsons ranging from 6 years old to 9 months old whom I have only seen in pictures. I live only 14 hours away driving but money is very tight for me and him with 3 kids is tough also. I love my sons and their families but I would really love to see my grandsons. Thank you and God Bless"  

      Friday 11/8 - Lee from Richland, VA (hear the phone call)
      "35 yrs ago I was envolved with bikers, drugs, and that whole lifestyle. 25 yrs ago I gave my life to the Lord and became a Pastor. Knowing that I had children somewhere, I asked God to be the Father to the fatherless. 5 weeks ago I recieved a call from my 32 yr. old daughter, I knew she was mine. We cried and laughed for hrs., trying to fill in 32yrs. God is so Awesome! My daughter, Aimee is also a pastor/founder/director of RiseUp52 ministries. I truely desire to see my daughter & grandchildren for the 1st time."  

      Monday 11/11 - Annika from Nashville, TN (hear the phone call)
      "A few years ago my mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's. She is now in the final stages of this horrific disease. Unable to feed and bathe herself, my dad is her full time caregiver. They are fully housebound, living in the country, they only get visitors every other week when they are brought groceries. I have not been home for the holidays in 10 years and would love to go home, and spend which may be my mothers last Christmas, as a family and also bring my father a feeling of hope and joy for what lies ahead."  

      Tuesday 11/12 - Deborah from San Jose, CA (hear the phone call: part 1 | part 2)
      "Sometimes we say things we don't mean and we may not even remember saying them. Until a year ago, I hadn't seen or spoken to my sister in 13+ years. I am in remission from Stage 4 cervical cancer (Praise God!) and early in the prognoses I called all the people in my life to tell them that I loved them. My sister has been my "long distance" support throughout this past year. I would love to surprise her with the biggest "hug" ever and to tell her I love her in person! Sisters are forever!"  

      Wednesday 11/13 - Matthew from Waco, TX (hear the phone call: part 1 | part 2)
      "Dear K-LOVE, my wife and i have been separated by distance for over 14 months, due to me loosing my job in Northern Ca. i took the 1st job and 2000 miles away. Struggling with our finances, I moved to pursue the new job. We could never catch a break from arising bills or the unexpected. I never could afford any airfare to see my wife for over a year. My heart aches with pain and It would be priceless to see my wife's smile for the holidays. Thank you K-LOVE God bless"  

      Thursday 11/14 - Karen from Beale Air Force Base, CA (hear the phone call)
      "I'd like to be able to spend the Holidays with my Grandmother since we both will be spending Christmas alone this year. She was recently widowed (for a second time) and my husband is deployed. She is the only living grandparent on either my or my husband's side of the family and I'm not sure how many more years she has left. I live in California, she lives in Georgia - way too far to drive!"  

      Friday 11/15 - Nancy from Charlotte, NC (hear the phone call)
      "Dear K-LOVE, I would like to be reunited with my six sisters, all believers, who live in NY. We are a very close family and it is a tradition for all of us to have our family Christmas on New Years weekend every year. Since I live 12 hours away in Charlotte and don't make enough money to fly home for our Christmas celebration, I have not been able to see my entire family for several years. Our father just died last October and I really need to see my family this year for a special reunion, please! Thanks!"  

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