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How do you control a child by the name of JD Chandler? That’s a question I’m sure many of my teachers have pondered over the years. You see, I’ve always been a class clown. I love to hear people laugh. I would go to great lengths to entertain my classmates, and sometimes earn a one-way ticket to the principal’s office!

My parents were very artsy, and had me painting, sculpting, and playing various musical instruments by the time I was halfway through elementary school. They also had me heavily involved in theatre and at a young age I caught the “acting bug”. At the age of 12, I was already downtown performing in various plays and I’m still happy to launch into a couple minutes worth of Shakespeare. Be careful, though, once I get going, it’s hard to stop me! I also play guitar, piano, bass, drums, and anything else that emits a joyful noise for our church worship team.

I met my future wife while still in High School and after our wedding joined the U.S. Army Military Police Corps (M.P.). Being an M.P. was quite a departure from my artsy upbringing and took some getting used to, but I managed to hang on for the entire hitch. I had dabbled in radio before the military, and afterwards found my way back into it. I was doing well professionally, making a comfortable living for my growing family when God got a hold of me and changed my life. He has used my past to lead me to K-LOVE, where I’ve now spent well over ten years! I believe that we can learn so much from our past, and also let it enrich our future.

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